Precast pieces

Production of precast pieces and manufactured products for all industries

EKW Italia S.r.l. since 2012 established a collaboration with VENETA LOMBARDA REFRATTARI which operates with ISO 9001:2015 certification

VENETA LOMBARDA REFRATTARI s.r.l. was established in 1982 by Rag. Renzo De Biasi as a society specialized in commercialisation of inform, shaped and monolithic refractory material for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, steel plants, cement plants, rolling mills and in particular for aluminium industry.
The company is specialized in producing precast pieces made in refractory material and complete installation service.

VLR is a growing company, able to meet any client’s need, by offering a full service which includes:

Realization of turnkey solutions for refractory plants

Commercialisation and distribution of the best refractory materials (EKW and VLR brand)

Mix powder for the ladle drawer
Fiberstone TM
Spout tilting furnaces
Slagging blades
Skimmers to recover aluminium from slags

Production of precast pieces and manufactured products for all industries

Impact pad
Rises and distribution tubes
Arch roof EAF-LF
Crucible furnaces
Filter Box – degaser


Thanks to the competence of technical staff and by using the latest high-tech equipment, VLR performs installation and maintenance work on furnaces both for the small and big industrial contexts, on the whole national and international territory.


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